Gain New Confidence In Small Businesses Arm your business with a TrustedForm certification to mitigate legal, financial, and brand risks.


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Learn how TrustedForm documents and certifies your leads’ express, written consent to hear from your business.

Document Consent In
One Step

Protect yourself from fines and litigation with the highest standard of proof available.

Our TrustedForm certificates provide unbiased, third-party documentation of consent. This proof of consent can protect you in the event of litigation, while giving you new confidence that your leads have actually asked you to contact them.

Core Feature

Collects And Stores

TrustedForm independently collects and stores information about who filled out a form, when, and where.

Provides Proof

Once you claim the certificate, TrustedForm provides proof that prior, express written consent was obtained before you contact a lead.


TrustedForm certificates are tamper-proof. In the event of a TCPA complaint, you can easily view the certificate and session replay and share a certificate with your legal team.

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